3 Rules for Hiring Corporate Event Security in NYC

Corporate Event Security at Guastavino's in NYCAt Guastavino’s, the safety and health of our guests is our top priority. While it may seem extreme for a wedding or Bar Mitzvah, hosting a corporate event in NYC often requires an event planner to bring in an independent security team. While incidents are rare, hiring a security team will help you to keep your event organized and bring peace of mind to your guests, especially if your guests include high-profile politicians or other celebrities. Before booking your New York corporate event venue, here are the 3 rules to follow that will help you hire the right security team to keep your event secure without stepping on your guests’ toes.

Hire a Licensed Security Team

There are any number of groups out there willing to do event security for your corporate event. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to buy a few t-shirts that say “security” and stand by the front door. Many of individuals claim to be highly trained, often ex-military or off-duty police officers, but there is no way to know for sure just what you are getting. Take your corporate event security seriously and only hire security staff that is fully licensed and insured. In fact, New York State requires that all security guards be trained and licensed, whether they’re armed or not. Don’t risk a potential legal disaster by hiring an unlicensed team, even if it does reflect kindly on your event budget. While it is unlikely that an incident will occur, an incident involving an unlicensed security team could quickly end your event and put the brakes on your business.

Review the Venue Before the Event Day

A professional security team will request to visit the venue days or even weeks ahead of time. There is just too much planning that goes into professional security detail than what can be determined on the morning of an event. The team will have to decide just how many guards are needed, where they should be positioned and how they can best serve your event without getting in the way. If the security team manager does not seem interested in visiting the venue ahead of time, it may be cause to think twice about hiring his team. In many cases, a reputable venue will already have a relationship with a security vendor. While security is rarely included in venue fees (as many guests choose not to have any), most venues will be happy to recommend a security team that already knows the venue inside and out. For example, Guastavino’s uses Stone Security Services as our exclusive security vendor. David Stone and his team have a great reputation when it comes to security of high profile clients, and they understand the needs of our historic venue.

Find a Balance Between Security and Personal Space

While keeping your guests safe is a top priority, keeping them comfortable is a priority as well. You never want security presence to take your corporate event guests out of the moment and keep them from performing the business at hand. Of course, finding a balance can be difficult. Unfortunately, only your venue and security team can really decide where it is appropriate to draw the line, and there are many factors that must be considered. These factors include:
  • Type of event
  • Size of venue
  • Number of guests
  • Length of the event
  • Number of entrances and exits
  • High profile guests (or anyone else that may require personal security)
  • Will alcohol be served? (Sad, but true)
Only a licensed and experienced security team will be able to figure the perfect guest to security guard ratio for your. Remember, while their estimate may seem high or low to you, in this case they will know what’s best. Many event planners like to micromanage, but when it comes to corporate event security it is best to leave things up to the experts. Find a team that you can rely on and trust that they have everything under control.

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