4 Great Reasons to Host a Corporate Event in New York

With so much business being done online these days, many businesses have forgotten about the importance of creating in-person experiences. Not only are these businesses missing out on a great opportunity to gain followers, they are also missing out on the chance to position themselves as thought leaders in their industries. Whether your business’s event budget is a few hundred dollars or a few hundred thousand, there is always a good reason to throw a corporate event. Whether your 2015 year includes a press conference, product launch or you just want to throw a party, here are 4 great reasons why you should host a corporate event in New York.

Build a Community

You may know all about building a community around your business on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but don’t underestimate the community building ability of a great corporate event. Invite your business’s stakeholders to mingle, network and learn more about your what your team has in store. A community-building event may lead to you finding a great new employee, a potential client or even a brand new investor. At the very least, your business will become a topic of conversation when your guests’ friends and coworkers ask them what they were “up to last night”.

Launch Your New Project

Want to get media attention for your new project or product? Throw a party! Nearly every company in the world hosts some form of launch party for their newest endeavor, why don’t you? It can be something as simple as a press conference or as extravagant as a red carpet premiere. Invite friends, customers, clients, anyone that has an interest in your business, then invite the media and plenty of them; don’t underestimate the reach that a local blogger may have. Even if the product doesn’t have the spark that local and national media outlets usually go for, a well-promoted launch event will help it get the attention it deserves.

Become an Industry Thought Leader

Want others in your industry to look at you as an industry leader? Throw an event that proves you are at the top of your game. Host a conference and invite the top thinkers and speakers in your industry to participate. By positioning yourself alongside the big boys in your industry, you may be able to gain prestige simply by association. Think about your social group: Everyone loves that friend who is constantly able to introduce them to great new friends and contacts. In business, it works the same way. Be the one in charge of the event where industry leaders come to meet with one another and make connections, and soon you will be the contact that everyone is dying to meet.

Say Thank You

Sometimes a corporate event isn’t (totally) about drawing attention to yourself, but rather putting the focus on saying thank you to those that have supported you on your journey. The most common “thank you” events are holiday parties, but there is no need to wait until the end of the year to show your appreciation. While finding a time that fits into everyone’s schedule can be impossible, something as simple as inviting your team out for snacks and cocktails on the Friday afternoon before a long weekend is a great way to boost morale and interact with your co-workers on a more personal level. While these sorts of parties are often very casual, if your budget allows, a more formal event or gala dinner can be well worth the investment. Your co-workers and employees will enjoy the chance to be wined and dined, while your clients will see your event as one to be taken seriously, and will remember the evening fondly moving forward. Of course, there is more to hosting a memorable event than throwing money at a posh event planner and venue, but when done right, your “thank you” gala will quickly become one of the must-attend events of the year.

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