4 Ways to Increase Attendance At Your New York Corporate Event

The months leading up to a big corporate event in New York can be stressful. How can you be sure that your event is going to get the attendance that it deserves, especially if it’s your first time hosting? While we can’t create your guest list, here are 4 ways to ensure that your venue is packed when the event day finally arrives.

Pick Up the Phone

Far too often event hosts send out invitations and never follow up. Busy people have stacks of paper mail to go through and email inboxes flooded with messages, invites and advertisements. The chances of your event invitation getting lost in the shuffle are very high. If you haven’t heard back from a potential guest, it’s time to pick up the phone and give him or her a call. One you have your guest (or his or her voicemail) on the phone, gently remind the invitee about the upcoming event and offer to resend the invite. While he or she may take this as an opportunity to reject the invitation, your guest may be happy that you caught his or her attention before it was too late.

Choose an Interesting Venue

In any city, but especially in New York, there is really no excuse for hosting your corporate event, product launch, convention or seminar in a run-of-the-mill conference space. A corporate event venue like Guastavino’s, for example, is not only a beautiful and historic landmark, but it also has the technology available to handle any event. Invite your guest to visit one of the city’s hidden gems or one of the most talked about venues in town. While the focus should be on your event, hosting the event in an interesting location gives your guests one more reason to attend.

Give Each Guest a “Plus One”

While there are some corporate events where space is truly limited, if your goal is to improve attendance there is no better way to increase RSVPs than to allow invited guests to bring a guest of their own. This is helpful for a few reasons. Not only will you automatically double your guest list, you will also see a higher return rate from your original list of invitees. Showing up to an event alone can feel isolating and awkward. By allowing guests to bring a guest you are nipping any fear of awkwardness in the bud.

Ask for Feedback

While this may not be a helpful tip for an event that is quickly approaching, getting feedback from past events will be enormously helpful moving forward. A few key questions to ask:
  • How did you first hear about this event?
  • What interested you about our event?
  • What is the best way to contact you about future events?
  • What would you like to see from future events?
You may also want to collect demographic information that will tell you who exactly is attending your events. The key to this type of post-event survey is to keep it short. Even your biggest fan may lose interest if there are more than a few questions.

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