5 Areas Every Corporate Event Space Should Have

Jaguar corporate event at Guastavino'sThere is a lot more to a corporate event space than a conference room. From top to bottom the right corporate event space must have everything that a high-level corporate event needs to be successful. Even the most beautiful event space can be limited by the amount of space and areas it offers. Give your guests the space that they need to get down to business with the 5 Areas Every Corporate Event Space Should Have:

Corporate Event Ballroom

Let’s start with the obvious. There is a reason that you chose a dedicated corporate event space over a hotel conference room and that reason is most likely the ballroom. New York is full of historic and beautiful ballrooms, though all are not well equipped for corporate events. In any case, the ballroom is where the magic happens, where most of your guests’ time will be spent and where the decorations, staff and entertainment will be focused. Without a high-quality ballroom atmosphere, your guests may as well have stayed home.


The second must-have space for a corporate event space is the stage. This stage should be large enough to handle all of the talks, entertainment and audio/visuals that will be taking place, without being so large that your speakers seem engulfed. Unfortunately many event venues that are designed for receptions, weddings or other social events don’t have a proper stage setup. Not having a proper stage can take an exceptional speaker or entertainer and make them feel average. Give your event the gravitas that it deserves by booking a venue with a stage worthy of their presence.


If your corporate event involves any sort of performance, a backstage area is essential. Having a place for your performers to dress and warm up away from the eyes of the public can be the difference between a Broadway-caliber performance and something from the local fair. Most importantly, a backstage area allows you to hide your performers from the crowd until the very last moment, making their entrance and big reveal something special. Even if your event isn’t showcasing any sort of performance, a backstage area is useful to speakers and other designated guests as a place to take a breath away from the crowd that may be demanding their presence and attention.

Meeting Space

Depending on the type of corporate event you're hosting, there will likely be a need for a few small meeting spaces where individual teams can separate themselves from the larger group and talk things out. While the excitement and showmanship of your event will take place in the ballroom, these tiny meeting spaces are where the real business gets done. This is where having an entire venue to yourself really makes a difference. In a hotel conference area, for example, there may be several events going on at the very same time. There is no area for your guests to congregate and talk in private without running into other groups that they may or may not want to share information with. The added privacy of a small meeting space means that your guests can make deals and discuss business without the distractions of other events taking place.

A Place to Relax

Every event guest, and host, needs a chance to take a breath. Whether it be a private garden with a view, or simply a space away from the ballroom providing your guests with an area where they can have a drink, a snack, or just a moment to themselves will totally improve the productivity of your event. When guests are feeling overwhelmed, tired, or hungry, they can’t wait to go home. Keep them from trying to slip out of the back door by giving them the space and the refreshments that they need to refocus and attack the business at hand.  

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