5 Questions To Consider Before Booking A New York Wedding Videographer

In addition to a photographer, many people choose to preserve the laughs, tears, and toasts that take place on their special day with a videographer as well. Film has a special ability to trigger memories and emotions, and is often one the most cherished lasting records of a wedding. If you are planning a wedding in New York and thinking about using a videographer, below are five questions you should consider before contacting a videographer.  1. When should I start looking for my videographer? As soon as possible. You want to begin your search once you’ve confirmed your wedding date and venue, so around the five month mark. Most videographers book their schedules months in advance, so contacting them early will ensure you can select from the best talent. Videographers need as much notice as possible to schedule their calendar because even though they only shoot for one or two days, they can often take up to a month and half to deliver their final product. Ask your venue coordinator for recommendations, typically they have worked with the best talent and can make valuable suggestions. 2. What visual style best suits me and my fiancé? Every videographer has a different style of shooting and editing. Some like to stay hidden and journalize the wedding experience from afar, while others like to stray from convention and get right into the mix, creating mini cinematic spectacles. Rather than relying on a videographers standard portfolio, ask to see their full archive of work and choose a video at random. This video will give you a more accurate read of their skill level. In the end, you and your fiancé need to determine what visual style suits you best. Do you want your videographer to create a narrative, or do you want them to simply capture the experience as it unravels? Do you want an old school Hollywood black and white filter, or a modern, high definition feel? Whatever you choose, make sure you communicate it to your prospective videographers. 3. Should we make a must-shoot list? Don’t worry about reminding your videographer to capture the classic wedding moments like cutting the cake or the first dance. Rather, make a list of key people you want them to capture, along with any unique or cultural ceremonies they may not be aware of. It’s likely that you will be so busy the day of your wedding attending to newlywed duties, that some important moments might pass you by. Having a videographer that is in the loop on the key people and events, will allow you to revisit those important memories once the night is over. 4. How much should I spend on a videographer? Prices are generally based on the package you select. The number of hours of shooting is generally the largest price determining factor. Some couples want their experience captured from wedding rehearsal to reception, while others simply want a more condensed video featuring wedding highlights. Remember, the greater number of hours of shooting requires a greater number of hours for editing, both attributing to a higher price. Most starting packages include a DVD and one highlight trailer. From there, you can add a number of additions to customize the package to your liking. The lowest priced packages are generally tailored towards journalizing your wedding experience, whereas customized packages allows the videographer to capture special moments to create a more compelling narrative. 5. What should I be looking for during an interview with a videographer? After you have narrowed down your selection to three or four potential candidates, start arranging interviews. Ask to see 20-30 minutes of a video rather than a five-minute highlight reel to best gauge their scope of work. When you are watching, pay close attention to the quality of the video and the audio, as well as how smoothly the transitions are edited. Yes, the largest deciding factors come down to budget and quality of work, but it is also important that your personalities mesh and that you feel comfortable with your videographer. Your videographer will be sharing one of the most memorable and intimate days of your life, so having a comfortable rapport and open communication is important. Below are two recent highlight videos from weddings at Guastavino's. The first was filmed and edited by Joseph Edwards Films at Melissa Cooper's November 2015. The second was shot by Jon Armendariz at New York Filmworks for Heather and Mike's wedding: Guastavino's from Ed Neary @ Joseph Edwards Films on Vimeo.

Guastavino's NYC wedding :: Heather + Mike from Jon Armendariz |NewYorkFilmworks on Vimeo.

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