5 Trends In Corporate Event Planning for 2015

With each new year comes new trends. Event venues and event planners need to stay on top of trends to maximize the value of the events they host and hold. Here are the top 5 trends in corporate events this year. Statement Entrances   This year we’ve seen an increase in events with custom entrances. These large scale, custom decorated entrances set the tone for an event and draw guests inside. They typically include an archway or carpeting to distinguish the event. They are a fantastic option if you expect press and others to gather outside as guests enter the venue. Multi-Generational Event Planning Whether it is team building, stylish memorable product launches, corporate events or gala fundraisers you can be sure nearly every group will have attendees from each generation. A hot trend this year is scheduling activities and events that cross the generational gaps and interests. Examples include team building exercises focusing on health and wellness or musical acts that play old and new popular songs.  In general, this event planning concept is about using themes to cross interest individuals regardless of their age. Great examples include sports related themes, live auctions or fundraising, and other non-age related interests. Keeping It Local The trend of staying local is having two impacts on corporate events in 2015. First, piggy backing on the slow food movement, many events are focusing the cuisine on local and in season food. This food tends to taste better and requires substantially less environmental impact in its transport and preparation. Second, many events that were “retreat” style and often held in far away places are staying close to home to avoid the costs associated with lengthy travel. These “local” retreats offer some of the same indulgences, but without nearly as much hassle, maximizing return on investment for such retreats. Trends in Cuisine Impact Menus Event spaces can impress guests attending galas, corporate events, and fundraisers but the food needs to have the same impact for a truly successful event. Many event menus today are taking advantage of some of the broader trends in cuisine happening at restaurants, including:
  • Artisan cheeses and house made artisan ice creams
  • Gluten free cuisine
  • Nontraditional fish
  • Hyper-local sourcing
  • Estate or farm branded items
  • New cuts of meat
  • Natural ingredients and minimally processed food
  • Sustainable seafood
  • Locally grown produce
  • Environmentally sustainable
Many of the best menus combine one or more of the above trends to present innovative and interesting options to guests. Bar Trends Classic cocktails are always in style but current trends are adding an extra flair to many events. Signature event drinks are also becoming more common, often incorporating some of the following bar trends:
  • Gin is back - Vodka had been the mixer standby but perhaps only because of its utter lack of flavor. Today, some are opting for the flavor and complex nature of Gin. Gin lends itself to many unique cocktails.
  • Savory drinks - Not just a bloody mary but think more flavor and no sugar. These creative cocktails take inspiration often from the kitchen as chefs and mixologists collaborate more with pairings. Savory drinks tend to be better companions with food than their sweeter counterparts.
  • Drinking your greens - Naturally it is to be expected the green juice trend would work its way into cocktail hour. Not just actual green juices but other vegetables really shine here. Bright, balanced and earthy juices like carrot, beet, celery, cilantro, parsnip and snap pea are examples of flavors that do savory very well.
  • Keeping it spicy - Not just with heat but the gamut of spices in the market. Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cayenne, cardamom, coriander and even soy sauce are appearing in modern drinks. It doesn’t have to taste like the holidays but rather a warm complex blend that is as satisfying as a main course.
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