4 Unique Bat And Bar Mitzvah Theme Ideas

Today bat and bar mitzvahs are becoming more elaborate and sophisticated than ever before. Teens are forgoing simple color schemes and themes in favor of something more unique in order to stand out from their peers. Below are four unique bat/bar mitzvah theme ideas that will surely set your child’s celebration apart. Comic Con Theme Your 12 year old son, or daughter, will be thankful for life if you can pull off their very own, personalized Comic Con experience. What really defines Comic Con from any other popular convention is the level of attendee participation. Consider requesting your guests to participate in dressing like their favorite comic or anime character. With a room full of elaborate costumes, you want your venue to reflect a cosmic, sci-fi environment. Plan to have various activity booths where attendees can play games, and include actors so guests can interact with their favorite cosplay characters. You can even hold a best costume contest with enticing prizes. Blockbuster Theme The hottest movies of the year tend to make for a popular bat/bar mitzvah theme. Center your party around one of the year’s biggest Blockbusters, and transport your attendees inside the film by decking out your venue.  Transform your venue into a film set by using props, staging, and even including actors to complete the full live movie experience. Some of 2016’s most anticipated movies include: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows, X-Men: Apocalypse, Ghostbusters, Warcraft, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Star Trek Beyond, and more. Music Festival Theme The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has become more than just a concert, it has grown into a cultural phenomenon. Music festivals like Coachella have become the teenage dream; symbolizing freedom, fashion and adventure. Reflect this energy in your event decor. Exude vibrancy and liveliness through color, patterns, flowers and oversized art pieces. Set up various stations including photo booths, sunglass design stations, candy bracelet stations, collaborative art walls and countless others. Include multiple stages and hire musicians and DJs that cover your child’s range of musical preferences. Go a step above and beyond, and recreate the food truck dining experience stocked with festival favorites. Boardwalk Theme Part beach, part carnival. For a summertime bat/bar mitzvah, a boardwalk theme transports your guests to fun a filled day at the beach, minus the annoying seagulls. Decorate your venue with red and white stripe table covers to evoke the big tent feeling of a carnival. Set-up various stations with nostalgic carnival games, fun houses, carnival mirrors and actors who embody the lively characters found on the beach boardwalk. The menu should reflect timeless classics, including a funnel cake station, an everything fried station (fried butter is a real thing) and the essential cotton candy station (check out our Executive Chef Arvin’s unique spin on traditional cotton candy.) Below are recent photos from a Bat Mitzvah held at Guastavino's. The images are photographed by Tilly Blair of Gruber Photographers for the Lipshultz Bat Mitzvah.

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