6 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Truly Cherish

Guastavino's New York - 6 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Truly Cherish

The real key to throwing not just a beautiful wedding, but also a memorable one, is by delivering a truly personal experience.  Wedding favors are meant to be cherished symbols that convey the unique spirit of your ceremony.  But all too often, the meaning is lost, and what was intended to be a prized remembrance of a beautiful celebration, becomes a disregarded token stripped of all value. Let's put an end to wasteful favors, and start choosing gifts your guest will genuinely cherish. Below is a list of the top 6 trending wedding favor ideas on Pinterest and Instagram to ensure your guests will leave with tokens they’ll truly treasure.

1. Classy Hangover Relief Kits

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/wedding-favor-ideas-that-dont-suck_55b68b7ce4b0074ba5a59c1c This checks off every important feature for a memorable wedding favor: funny, personal and useful. Since you’ve equipped your guests with a recovery plan, they’ll be far more inclined to let loose and make the most out of your wedding celebration.  Watch as the calls pour in the next day with guests praising how handy your favors came in the morning after. Allow yourself to get creative with the contents of your kit, and encase the favor in a crafty container like these on PaperMart, where you can find a wide selection at reasonable prices. 2. Key Shaped Bottle Openers http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/wedding-favor-ideas-that-dont-suck_55b68b7ce4b0074ba5a59c1c Beyond just their cute factor, this favor will serve a functional purpose for your guests well beyond the night's festivities. You can attach keyrings to the openers so guests can easily connect them with their other belongings. Engraving the bottle openers with the couple's initials, or for more cost effective purposes, adding a cute note attached with ribbon, will provide a personalized touch. You can purchase these in bulk on Etsy, where you can find even more inspiration. 3. Share Your Playlist Playlist There’s nothing more intimate or personal than sharing the soundtrack to your relationship. Making a playlist that tracks the journey of your courtship offers friends and family a romantic insight into your new marriage.  The idea of a personalized USB is great, because even if your guest isn’t particularly interested in hearing your playlist, then at least they’ll still be getting a useful flash drive out it.  There are plenty of sites that offer customizable USB drives, or for more budget friendly options, get creative with the packaging. Check out Custom USB and start generating your own creative ideas. 4. Decadent Treats in Charming Jars Wicked Cupcakes Mason jars have made their comeback. There’s virtually no way that something (literally anything) once put in a mason jar won’t instantly give that item a crafty, artisanal touch. Wicked Good Cupcakes has recently expanded their widely successful cupcakes in a jar concept to now cover brownies, pies and cheesecake. They offer a wide range of customized packaging making it super personalized and wedding friendly. Your guests will not only appreciate how charming they are, but will definitely enjoy having a late night snack for the drive home.   5. Perfectly Paired Lip Balm Lip Balm A wedding is a party after all, so you definitely want a little flirtation in the air.  A great way to illicit that flirtation, and get people chatting, is by pairing different complimentary flavored chapsticks with one another, so when mixed, they create a new sensory experience. For example, each favor would include 2 flavored chapsticks (strawberry + chocolate, mint + cinnamon, ect.) that you would then direct your guests to mix through contact in order to get a new flavor or sensory experience. We suggest having 5-10 pairings with a sensual guide for each pairing.  A little risque, maybe?  But it’s all in good fun, and will be enjoyed by both the veteran couples and the single patrons looking to spark a little chemistry.  Check out, MyLipStuff, they offer customized packaging as well as over 600 flavors for lip balm. 6. Custom Candles That Do Social Good prosperity candle Here’s an elevated idea for personalized candle favors. Prosperity Candle has designed an easy three step process to create your own customized candle. Start by picking a vessel, then choose among 40 different fragrances and then finally select your candle strength. These stunning candles not only look great, but they also champion social good by delivering fair wages to refugee women in the US looking to start a new life. Have your guests leaving feeling connected and uplifted by attaching a note describing how you as a couple derived at your signature scent, and the philanthropic mission of Prosperity Candle.  When it comes to deciding on a wedding favor, ask yourself, will this get people buzzing?  That’s your real objective, you want people to feel something, be it funny, cheeky or romantic, you want to inspire an emotional connection.  It’s not just about offering a fancy gift, it’s about imparting that gift with an emotional tie, so when your guests revisit that token, they’ll be reminded of great memories.   Planning your wedding in New York City? Fill out the form below to speak with one of our personal Event Coordinators.