9 Inspiring Wedding Centerpieces Featured At Guastavino’s

9 Inspiring Wedding Centerpieces Featured At Guastavino’sCenterpieces are the central part of your wedding tablescape. You want to create something that is striking, stunning and impossible to forget. At Guastavino’s, we have seen some of the most unique and inspiring centerpieces, from crystal draped flower arrangements to playful, miniature palm trees. Before you decide on a centerpiece, you want consider options that will complement your wedding’s theme. For drama and elegance, consider towering centerpieces that complement high-ceilinged spaces. For a more grounded and relaxed energy, consider centerpieces that are low to the table and incorporate candles to create a warm ambiance. For a bit of playfulness and eccentricity, consider edible centerpieces made of fruit, or vases filled with live fish. Next, ask yourself how your guests plan to socialize? Do you expect them to remain seated during most of the reception and socialize at their table, or do you expect social mixing to predominantly take place at the bar and dance floor. Depending on your expectations, you want to consider an appropriate centerpiece height that won't obstruct the social harmony of your wedding. Below are nine unique wedding centerpieces featured at Guastavino’s that will spark inspiration and give you a leg up on your wedding planning. 1. Whimsical Romance Handsman Wedding Centerpiece 2. Cascading Greenery Cascading Greenery Centerpiece 3. Refined Minimalism Joshua Brown Wedding Centerpiece 4. Timeless Elegance Balsman Wedding Centerpiece 5. Towering Cherry Blossoms Wedding Centerpiece 6. Tasteful Romance Handsman Wedding Centerpiece 2 7. Crispy and Clean Balsam Wedding Centerpiece 2 8. Full On Glam Under The Bridge Wedding Centerpiece 9. Playful Palm Trees Palm Tree Centerpiece Ready to plan your wedding reception in New York City? Contact us below.