9 Ways to Spice Up Your Corporate Holiday Party

Guastavino's - 9 Ways to Spice Up Your Corporate Holiday PartyAs holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your year-end bash. Every year there are expectations to top the year prior, but finding fresh new ideas can prove to be challenging. Celebrate the holiday season right, and entertain your guests, by including some of our holiday party ideas highlighted below.

Design Ideas:

Contemporary Christmas Putting a modern twist on a traditional winter wonderland will get guests excited. Try a monochrome color palette, and then add intrigue with a variety of textures. Use a spectrum of gray hues in matte and sparkling finishes. This neutral base is the perfect foundation for adding bright pops of color. The idea is to keep decor restrained and tasteful, giving off minimalist elegance rather than bright in your face colors. Down to Earth Decor Using natural elements in event design has proven to be a major trend this year. Create centerpieces that incorporate pine, use vases and candle holders made of wood, and add bright red florals and berries to complement the lush greenery. Event Planning Apps

Entertainment Ideas:

Vintage Jazz Band Live music is always a good idea. The great things about jazz is that it is a universally appreciated genre, and can easily be a two-in-one show if you include dancers. The irresistible groove and nostalgia jazz elicits, can get even the most timid employee tapping their toes and snapping their fingers. New York’s cooperative of musicians, Elan Artists, has over a hundred bands in their index to choose from. GuastavinosEntertainment Aerial Acrobats Even if you’re not having a Cirque du Soleil themed party, aerial acrobats can still make an exciting appearance at your event. Acrobats are fun to watch and generate conversation, but do not require undivided attention, allowing guests more mobility. Consider bringing out the acrobats at the start of the evening as a way to kick off the night.

Catering Trends:

Cocktails Major trends in cocktails this year have included: molecular gastronomy, edible serving vessels, and customized cocktails. Liquid nitrogen is a nontoxic, tasteless substance that cools liquids quickly, and has mass visual appeal as it leaves behind a lingering smoke cloud. Serving cocktail shots in fruit cups, like lemons, provides an impressive presentation. Also, offering custom cocktails with unique names is the perfect way to tie your event in with your brand. I_0117 Food Rather than focus on food trends, it’s important to establish some of the basic catering fundamentals. The actual menu items should be left up to your event coordinator, as they will be the best informed on your guests food sensibilities. Some basics to remember when designing a menu is to keep small bites hassle free. This means serve foods that can be easily consumed and limited waste. Items served in little cups, spoons, or contain bones, should be left on tables for guests to serve themselves. Scottish Smoked Salmon on Toast (1)

Gift Ideas:

3-D Print Photo Booth Inc. Magazine asked real employees what holiday gifts they actually wanted, surprisingly, an overwhelming amount said money. If your budget does not allow for meaningful raises or bonuses, a $10 gift card won’t appease anyone. Your best bet is to offer employees an innovative and memorable gift. A 3-D Shapify Booth scans an entire body in 12 seconds and produces a life-like 3-D printed figurine within 5 minutes. Your employees will surely appreciate the creativity, and likely share their mini-me’s with friends on social media. shapify Cigar Rollers Nothing says classic New York like cigars in the city. Including cigar rollers at your holiday party will let your employees know that you plan to pull out all the stops. It’s engaging, it’s classy, and they can be enjoyed at the event or taken home as a memory. Have upscale wooden boxes emblazoned with your company logo, alongside branded match boxes. Custom Storybook This is a great idea for your high level executives or the members on your Board of Directors. The idea is to merge a classic Christmas story with the names and quirks of the executives you want to include. Have whoever is personally familiar with all the executives, probably the office administrative assistant, collaborate with an in house copywriter to create a personalized and humorous Christmas story. Then turn that story into a physical book with great resources like Blurb. Odds are, these executives aren’t interested in another corporate gift basket or iPad, and would much rather share a laugh over a personalized gift.

Bonus Features:

Provide Designated Drivers Your employees will really appreciate this one. Let them know you're encouraging a good time, by pre-arranging their transportation home. Have a fleet of taxis waiting outside, so guests can trickle out when they’re ready. On-Site Child Care Often times corporate events are stuck between hosting an elegant adult party and a family friendly affair. Merge both by offering on-site child care. Transform a smaller room at the event venue into a child’s playland. Include professional caretakers, children entertainers, and offer child-friendly catering. Also, consider setting up arts and craft stations where kids can make ornaments for their parents or design holiday cards. Your family orientated employees will love being able to pop in and check on their kids and even get crafty themselves. Planning a corporate holiday party in New York City? Fill out the form below to speak with one of Guastavino’s Event Coordinators.