Choosing a Corporate Event Space in NYC? 5 Must Haves

Corporate Event in New York at Guastavino's Event Space NYCChoosing the right corporate event space in NYC could make or break your corporate event. While certain features and amenities may be luxuries, there are 5 things that every New York corporate event space must have before you should ever consider booking your event there. Here is our event planners’ list of the 5 Must-Haves of a Corporate Event Space in NYC:

A Full Day for Your Event

Most event venues, especially hotels, operate by one method and one method only: Maximize Profits. The way that these venues maximize profits is by hosting multiple events in the venue on any given day. They may have a breakfast meeting, followed by a luncheon, followed by a gala dinner in the evening. Three different events, three different clients, all in one day. If one of these events is yours, you will feel rushed on the way in and rushed on the way out. Frankly, even the most experienced event teams can hardly break down and set up for a new event in such a short amount of time. When booking a corporate event space in NYC, be sure that it will be yours for the day. That will ensure plenty of time for setup and prevent overlapping issues if your event runs a bit overtime.

High Speed Internet

In this day and age, asking that a venue offer high speed internet may seem too obvious to even bring up. However, you would be surprised how many corporate event spaces in NYC don’t have the capabilities to handle the high speed internet needs of a large meeting or conference. Imagine the frustration of your guests when they are unable to send an email from their laptops, or the look of embarrassment on the face of a presenter unable to load a video needed for their presentation. Avoid these event-ruining faux pas by double checking that your venue is able to provide exactly what you need.

State of the Art Lighting and Sound

Proper lighting and audio can be the difference between your brand looking top-notch and exciting, and your brand looking sloppy and dull. Unfortunately, even if a venue offers top of the line equipment if they don’t have a quality team in place to run it, your event may come out looking and sounding like a mess. At Guastavino’s, we employ the lighting and sound technicians, BML Blackbird. Guastavino’s architecture offers several exclusive opportunities for gorgeous lighting and sound quality, and BML Blackbird knows just how to accentuate the venue’s arches and curves. Before booking any corporate event venue in NYC, ask them about their lighting and sound team.

Space for Lunch/Breakouts

A spacious ballroom is great for large conferences and presentations, but these expansive spaces rarely lend themselves to smaller, more personal meetings that must take place during the day. Having breakout space away from the main event room allows your guests to congregate in small groups and get business done on a more personal level. Not only will a bit of breakout space allow guests to meet, it will also allow them to escape from your event for a moment or two to make a phone call, or just to catch their breath. While this extra space may not seem to be as much of a necessity as the other items on this list, you may be surprised by how much business actually gets done just a few steps away from the event floor.

The Right Fit

Event planners will often choose the hottest, most popular new venue (or more often, the least expensive venue) without really taking a moment to think through the effect that the venue in question will have on the “branding” of their event. If the venue doesn’t fit with your business, you can do everything else right and the event could still be a failure. Some event venues are classy to a fault, to the point of being “stuffy”. Other venues are so casual that it would be uncomfortable for any of your guests to seriously consider conducting business in that environment. It’s an event planner's job to find the venue that is just right. Five things to consider are:
  1. How fancy a venue is
  2. How large the venue is
  3. What the area around the venue is like
  4. Other successful events the venue has hosted in the past
  5. Personal taste (Don’t let it get in the way)
Following these five tips may just be the start to hosting the perfect corporate event, but not following any of them could doom your event from the very beginning. Do you research, and good luck.

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