Five Trends in Product Launches for 2015

Product Launches New York CityThe latest marketing aim for compelling, successful product launches is creating an emotional connection between your audience and your product. Successful product launches derive from all-encompassing communications strategies that maximize the reach of launch messaging through multiple channels to the broadest audience possible, including customers, partners, press, analysts and industry experts. What are the best ways to forge memorable connections? Here are five trends we see leading the way in 2015. Webcasts Broaden and Engage Your Audience According to Schneider Associates and Sentient Decision Science’s annual survey, the Most Memorable New Product Launch of 2014 is the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple successfully channels their global audience to a streamlined syndication of their product launch through seamless webcasts. Watch the iPhone 6 webcast here. The company chose to broadcast this webcast from the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California. This venue has historical relevance for Apple – it’s only a few miles from Apple’s birthplace and this is where Steve Jobs introduced the Apple Macintosh computer in 1984 and the iMac in 1999. The venue evokes emotional relevance for the company, drawing in audience members in the physical location as well as those watching on video. Also, webcasts can reach more customers while demonstrating a leading edge image. This technology can drive action and achieve results faster and reduce the time, effort and cost required to market your product. Hands-On Time With the Product Increases Awareness Take for example the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. Samsung released their product to bloggers at PCMag, a division of Ziff Davis, “leaders in tech, gaming and men’s lifestyle.” By releasing this new product to notable influencers in their industry, Samsung gained free, positive publicity from their review. Another example is Microsoft Windows 8. The company set up hands-on installations and demonstrations in New York City. For three days, Microsoft took over 39 digital advertising screens in Times Square. The event attracted more than 2 million visitors. Creating buzz around your product is excellent, but giving people a chance to create a connection with your product makes for an unforgettable experience that users are apt to pass along to friends and via social media. Cryptic Messaging Enhances Curiosity Can a tweet add $1 billion to your company’s bottom line? In the case of Elon Musk’s mysterious tweet about an upcoming Tesla product, it just may. The tweet inspired the hashtag, #TeslaNewProductGuesses. Since, shares in the electric car sprung to nearly 4 percent – adding an astonishing $900 million to the company's market cap through a 115 character tweet. Two-part messaging increases customer curiosity too. Goodwill Denver’s billboard campaign features a dual message about low-cost shopping and how purchases made at Goodwill benefit the community. By intriguing your audience to look further or investigate more, you’re enhancing the amount of attention paid to your new product. Know How To Catch Your Target Audience Case in point: Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer. After conducting an analysis, Unilever understood their target audience for Vaseline Spray & Go was women between the ages of 18-40. With 96% of women using body lotion, introducing a new lotion product required a lot of research. How did the company reach its target audience? Through a targeted YouTube campaign featuring actress Nia Vardalos from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and CafeMom, Vaseline caught women’s attention with its “Max the Morning” videos. Vaseline also targeted mothers with a contest called #SprayandStrut. Social media allows you to connect with your audience and encourage engagement with nominal effort. Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger launch is another successful example of catching your target audience on the right channel. By creating a memorable hashtag, #PretzelLoveSongs, and partnering with singer Nick Lachey, Wendy’s captured its target Millennial audience on mobile social media apps, like Facebook. High Value Entertainment – Celebrity Endorsements Make Products More Prized If you want people to covet your new product, have someone they idolize be seen with it. Take Pharrell Williams, vocal artist and ‘The Voice’ judge, sporting the new Apple Watch before it’s even available for pre-order. Or Tom Brady being the “perfect” celebrity endorser for the Dodge Dart commercial. The celebrity strategy usually delivers promising results because it builds on a traditional approach—if you like somebody, you trust them, so you feel more positive about things they promote. Building emotional connections with your new product in these ways and more and then spreading your message through the appropriate channels will help your next product launch become a success.

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