Hosting a Springtime Gala in New York

Spring in New York has finally arrived. Hosting a classic springtime gala can be the perfect way to say thank you to donors, honor distinguished work and individuals, or celebrate with friends and business associates. However, planning a springtime gala is a bit different than planning a gala during the colder months. Here are three quick tips to get you started.

Create a Fresh Menu

Spring is the perfect time to serve your guests a menu of fresh and delicious cuisine that they haven’t enjoyed in months.  Start the evening off with light and fizzy cocktails, move on to a meal made with fresh, local ingredients and end the night with refreshing fruit-based desserts. The key to a great springtime menu is keeping the food “light”. Avoid soups and stews (and anything else that reminds you of winter) and treat your guests to a meal that doesn’t require a post-dining nap.

Enjoy the Daylight

While New York Galas are traditionally held in the evening, spring is the perfect time to start a little bit earlier. Invite your guests for an outdoor cocktail hour in the mid-to-late afternoon and enjoy the sunset together before starting on a night of dining and dancing indoors. Guastavino’s springtime events often begin in our spacious outdoor garden before heading indoors for the evening. Hosting your gala in a duel indoor/outdoor space allows guests to enjoy warm afternoon weather, but move inside and stay cozy after the sun goes down.

Allow for a More Casual Dress Code

A formal New York Gala can be a lovely and posh experience. Traditionally, men should wear tuxedos and women should wear floor length gowns. In the springtime however, it is fair to allow your guests to dress down, just a bit. Especially if part of your event is hosted outdoors, formal attire can quickly begin to feel cumbersome and uncomfortable. Rather than a tuxedo, men should wear suits that show a little more springtime flair. It is fair to require a tie and jacket be worn, but allowing for just a bit of color will add a more relaxed and festive feeling to your event. Ladies should wear cocktail dresses and heels, and can save their floor length gowns for fall and winter occasions.  

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