Often Overlooked: How Temperature and Airflow Are Crucial To Event Success

When searching for an event venue, many do not include air temperature and HVAC details as part of their considerations. The problem is if you do not pay attention to these details they may have a profound impact on the success of your event. We’ve all been to an event that was too hot, leaving guests sweating on the dance floor. Or worse, you're positioned right under the air conditioning, left to freeze the whole night. Both situations highlight the importance that temperature and airflow play in determining the way we perceive an environment. Simply put, bad temperature regulation or poor airflow makes for uncomfortable guests. Furthering the problem, many event venues in New York City were not built for the purpose of holding events. For many of these spaces (like old banks for an example) proper ventilation for hundreds of people dancing wasn’t top of mind during the original construction.

Our Challenge

Our venue is a designated NYC landmark. Here’s a brief history:

The Queensboro Bridge opened to the public on March 30, 1909. The beautiful arcade underneath the bridge (what is today Guastavino’s) served as a year-round farmer’s market known to locals as “Bridgemarket.” Unfortunately, Bridgemarket suffered the same fate as many New York area businesses during the early 1930s and was forced to close down. The area was taken over by the New York Department of Transportation who utilized the space until the 1970s.

On November 23, 1973, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission designated the Queensboro Bridge a landmark, including the large areas below the bridge, which were described as notable. For more information, visit the History page on Guastavinos.com.

While our building is turn-of-the-century, we are always adding modern improvements to ensure the comfort of our guests. During weddings and other galas, occasionally we’d have guests let us know cold air was blowing where they were seated. As a quick fix, our staff would turn the air down or off. However, this would raise the room temperature, created a less than optimal situation for guests on the dance floor. With staff constantly adjusting the thermostat back-and-forth, it was difficult to achieve perfect balance for all attendees. We needed to upgrade the our HVAC system to ensure the comfort of our guests and an energy-efficient event space.

Our Solution

We turned to Coco Architectural Grilles & Metalcraft for help. In order to promote an effective yet comfortable airflow, we worked with them to redirect air from down on the event floor to up towards the ceiling. Because our ceiling is arched, pushing the air upward cools and heats the whole room without blowing directly onto guests. This solution decreased energy losses as well as prevented the constant back-and-forth with the temperature. The team at Coco custom designed nine 4 feet by 8 feet linear bar grilles with an upward facing reflective bar. This bar not only directs the air upward, but also gives guests the illusion of a flat surface. Guests can’t see into the vents, which gives a much cleaner and sophisticated design to match our space.Gustavinos4 Coco’s design scheme and vent system optimized airflow control for our space. They worked with us to assess the airflow challenges, assembled a qualified team and created a solution that matched the venue’s architecturally significant features. All of these steps help ensure guests’ comfort and preserve the design aesthetic—which are two key elements for successful events. Our solution is representative of the level of detail we evaluate when providing for our guests and their comfort. As you consider event venues in New York City, be sure to ask questions about room temperature and other environmental variables to ensure guests will be comfortable. Interested in planning an event? Contact us by filling out the form below.