The First 5 Steps to Choosing a Corporate Event Venue

While there is no shortage of event venues in New York City available to host your company’s next corporate event, choosing the right venue for your business can be difficult. From choosing a venue with appropriate parking to ensuring that it has the correct audio-video setup, any misstep could cost your business. As you begin the decision-making process, here are the 5 First Steps to Choosing a Corporate Event Venue:

Map Out Your Corporate Event

Before you can determine which venue is the right fit for your corporate event, you need to decide exactly what hosting your event will entail. A few items to consider: • Number of expected guests • Technological needs (Internet, Audio/Video, etc.) • Food and drink • Time of day (Traffic?) • Time of year (Weather conditions?) Creating a document or spreadsheet with this information will make it easy to organize your thoughts and build a list of questions to ask each of the venue representatives that you speak to. Remember, it’s a venue representative’s job to sell you on the space, so don’t expect them to provide you with too much negative information upfront. Build a list of questions and don’t be afraid to ask. If you’re in need of inspiration, take a moment to look at Guastavino’s past floor plans and menus, or visit our Facebook page to see photos of recent events.

Research Corporate Event Packages

Now that you have an idea of what your event will require, it’s time to start exploring possible venues and discover what type of packages they offer. Which features will be provided as part of their base service and which will be à la carte? Depending on your business and the type of event, there may be certain venues that offer event packages that are a better fit than others. There is simply no way to tell until you schedule a consultation with a representative and go through your list item by item. Be sure to ask for potential packages to be itemized in as detailed a way as possible to ensure that you know exactly what is included and what will have to be added later on.

View Your Corporate Event from The Guests’ Perspective

When planning any type of corporate event it can be easy to fall into the trap of creating an event designed to meet the needs of your team rather than the needs of your guests. This is especially important if many of your guests will be coming from out of town. A few items to consider: • Is parking available? Valet? • Is the venue easy to reach by public transportation? • Is the venue close to business hotels? Airports? Location is only the beginning. Once your guests are on the property, you want to make sure that they will be as comfortable as possible in order to direct the full focus of the day towards the business at hand. A few more items to consider: • How will your guests’ dietary restrictions be met? • Will your guests require any special accommodations, such as translators? • Is the venue handicapped accessible? • Are there an appropriate number of restrooms to accommodate your guests? While planning your event at Guastavino’s, our event coordinators will work side-by-side with you to address the needs of each of your guests. We understand that even a minor faux pas could lead to embarrassment for you or you team. Our event coordinators have the experience necessary ensure that all of your guests’ needs are met, down to the smallest detail.

Avoid Technical Difficulties

Many of New York’s historic venues are beautiful, classic and timeless. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that they are corporate event-ready. Finding a venue that can handle the wireless Internet needs of all of your guests is just the beginning. Is the venue able to provide the audio and video connections that you will need? Lighting? Electrical outlets? What about loading docks? Guastavino’s has recently completed a multimillion-dollar renovation, modernizing the venue without detracting from its old-world charm. This renovation provided Guastavino’s with all of the tools necessary to meet the requirements of any event, no matter what technology or equipment is involved.

Research Outside Vendors

While most vendors and caterers claim that they will go “anywhere in the city”, there are several factors other than the location of a venue that should be considered. Many venues already have working relationships with outside vendors that can be used to your advantage. Particularly when it comes to the more technical aspects of your event, working with vendors who know the space inside and out will cut down on unexpected issues and help the event run more smoothly. Before booking a venue or any outside vendors, take the time to find out what working relationships already exist. Guastavino’s makes this easy by listing our exclusive vendors, as well as recommended vendors, right on our website. In the long run, researching vendors before you book your space will save you time and may prevent small disasters when the event day arrives. Do you have any Corporate Event Planning tips to share? Leave us a comment below.

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