The 5 Key Must-Haves For Great Corporate Events

Planning a large corporate event can be a challenge. Below are the five most important elements, that if done right, will contribute to the success of your event. 1) Location Make it Convenient: Keep the location no more than two hours away from a major airport. Avoid lengthy commutes and attendees will be grateful. Why? Location is probably the most important part of event planning. The space needs to fit the theme and type of event you’re holding. The site also needs to be conveniently and notably located. If guests are coming in from long distances, say flying in, further travel by car or bus is exhausting and arduous. Consider minimizing travel burdens and complications when booking an event space. For instance, Guastavino’s event space is settled under the 59th Street Bridge and is a designated New York City landmark. This site is less than 10 miles away from LaGuardia Airport and approximately 45 minutes away from JFK Airport. It’s easy to find and close to two major airports. Even if your next event is not at Guastavino's, you’ll want to ensure guests can manage the host city and commute safely. 2) Customer Service Shop for Excellence: If you’ve ever experienced less than stellar customer service, you’ll know the golden rule for the service industry doesn’t come standard. Do your homework: read testimonials, check review sites, ask friends, call the destination, and get a feel for their communication style. Why? From the first consultation, your Event Coordinator should communicate efficiently and directly with you. You should have a sense they understand your desires and have an action plan to achieve them. By establishing this rapport, you can better plan the event and you’ll be “on the same page” if challenges arise. This will in turn leads to a better flow for the event—less stress, better planning, and ultimately an event that leaves your guests feeling taken care of, supported, and surrounded by knowledgeable people. 3) Food Let It Be Tasty (Or You Risk Leaving A Bad Taste): Quality catering matters. Food and beverage options at events matter more than the entertainment. Simply put, it is the food they'll remark about and remember. Tasty menu options enrich guests’ overall experiences and enable them to enjoy the rest of the event. At Guastavino’s, our Executive Chef, Arvin Dhansew, was trained at the famed Culinary Institute of America. Driven by a devotion to exceed expectations, Chef Dhansew creates customized menus with fresh ingredients. A hallmark of his culinary style is an unwavering support of local farmers. Guastavino’s event catering menus are updated at the beginning of every season, and the culinary team can design a custom menu to suit your event and audience’s taste. 4) Technology It Should Be Fast and Reliable: An event space should be equipped with the technology and equipment needed for the event to run without slow-downs or interruptions. The hall or room should supply adequate utility boxes for telecommunication equipment for state-of-the-art services every 50 feet (or under). Extra features may include plugins that provide water or compressed air. Check with your event coordinator if the event will require the use of loading docks and drive-in ramps for easy load-in and load-out of equipment. Other technology requirements to consider are high-speed Internet connections for seamless live video streaming, real-time event registration, and the capacity to run multiple applications from multiple devices. Guastavino’s cordial and responsive staff are here to make sure you’ll have everything you’ll need. 5) Capacity Find the Right Size: For every person in attendance, plan to have a little over 10 square feet of space. For example, if the event will have 250 people in attendance, a space around 3,000 sq. ft. can cozily accommodate. However, if you want lounging area or entertainment space, increase the square footage. Our event space spans over 15,000 sq. ft. and can accommodate 200-400 guests comfortably. The unique, alluring spaces model different configurations and transform from presentations to cocktail hour to dinner and dancing. Guastavino’s also features a private, outdoor garden (prime for spring, summer, and fall). For an innovative clientele, our large and open, versatile and out-of-the-box spaces can be tailored for formal and more casual events. Would you like to learn more? Please contact our staff by filling out the form below.